The Named Orchids
At one site on the Purbecks I have seen good numbers of the Wasp and in a good year up to 20% of the Ophrys apifera there were of this variety. But in another year there could be none!
It is also known to occur on Portland.
The Bi-colour Bee is an extreme rarity in the UK, but does occur in Dorset. I was very lucky to see a couple of these plants in North Dorset, near Fontmell Down.
Bee var atrofuscus
Bee Orchid
The Bee Orchid
Friburgensis Orchid
Friburgensis Bee
Bi-colour Bee
The "Bi-colour" Bee
One of our best known orchids, the Bee orchid can be seen at many sites around Dorset.All around Portland and the Purbecks,at Badbury Rings, Fontmell Down and east of Bridport, this beautiful orchid is at its best throughout June.
There are also several distinct "forms" or sub-species of the Bee orchid. The commonest one in Dorset is the "Wasp" orchid, this is the var. trollii.
Wasp Orchid
Bee var fulvofusca