Hampshire Orchids.
Hampshire will have lots of the same orchids as Dorset, but there are some noteable plants that occur here that we do not have in Dorset. Also Hampshire is a much larger county and has some different habitats, particularly areas like the New Forest.
The Red Helleborine
The Red Helleborine in Hampshire must be the "jewel in the crown" for the county. .Discovered in the mid-Eighties in a beech hanger a few miles west of Petersfield, one plant was still flowering when I took these photos in '99. There are only two other known sites in the Uk for this superb plant, one in the Cotswolds and one in the Chilterns. On the very edge of its range in the Uk it could very easily be lost for ever!
When I visited the site this year (2005) there were no flowering Red helleborine there.